A Better Way to Generate Gift Card Revenue

Still writing out gift certificates during the holiday season? Or, ordering expensive custom gift cards from an online shop? As an X2 Payment Systems merchant, you’ll be glad to know there’s a better way to streamlining your gift card revenue—and best of all, it’s free.

No matter what type of business you own, you should know gift cards are one of the fastest growing retail and small business products today. It’s time to make gift cards work for you. X2 Payment Systems offers a free gift card program that works better for you and for your customers. As a thank-you for becoming an X2 merchant, you’re eligible to receive free gift cards, custom-printed with your business name. Be sure to ask your X2 rep about custom-designed gift cards for year-round gifting.

You’re Eligible for X2’s Complete Suite of Merchant Benefits

Free gift cards. Still writing out gift certificates? Paying a fee for every gift card you sell? Stop giving away the shop. Try X2 Payment Systems and your gift cards are on us.

Free receipt paper. Don’t get jammed up over paper. If you’re a retail or restaurant operation, or if you ever need to provide paper receipts for your clients or customers, you’ll enjoy a lifetime supply of paper. It’s one more way we make your relationship with X2 Payment Systems pay for itself.

Free local service. Don’t wait on hold to talk to who-knows-who from who-knows-where. With X2, you’ve got a dedicated, local account manager. We’ll keep your gift cards and receipts stocked, and your equipment working so you can control cashflow. We hire for integrity, skill, and follow-through.

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