Meet Perry Auto Service and Sales

  • Location: Bellevue Ave. Shoemakersville, Pa.
  • Year Founded: 1980
  • Owner: Steve Shollenberger
  • General Manager: George Tabakelis
  • Years as X2PS Client: 2
  • Favorite thing about X2PS: Transparency of Cost

The Entrepreneur on #OwningIt:

“Most people think I own the place—I don’t own the place, I just run it.” — George Tabakelis, General Manager of Perry Auto Service and Sales

SHOEMAKERSVILLE, PA – There comes a time in every business owner’s life when they wish they could clone themselves: someone to manage the employees, share the load of important tasks to be done, and keep the place running smoothly. Cloning has a long way to come, but until then, Steve Shollenberger has the next best thing: his dream employee George Tabakelis.

Tabakelis describes what exactly he does for the business as: “My role is everything—and I do mean everything.” His responsibilities range from selling on the lot to working under the hood and all the little tasks in between.

With all that responsibility, you might think he’s the owner, but he isn’t. He just has a really good understanding of owner Shollenberger’s vision.

You might say Tabakelis is the dream employee.

“Shortly after starting to work [at Perry Auto Services and Sales], [Shollenberger] gave me the reigns little by little over three or four years where, essentially, I was running the shop.”

Turns out, that might have been the best decision Shollenberger ever made for himself. Over the last 37 years, Tabakelis has worked tirelessly to make Perry Auto Service and Sales the reputable auto shop it is today, leaving Shollenberger the freedom to take care of the behind-the-scenes operations.

“Most people think I own the place—I don’t own the place, I just run it,” Tabakelis joked.

Tabakelis goes above and beyond in his line of work, and it’s the honest, productive work they do at Perry Auto Service and Sales that keeps their staff satisfied in their jobs for years to come – even those who had not intended on making a career of it.

“I have a young guy that’s been working with me since he was 20 years old, and he’s been here with me for 17 years now.”

True to the reputation that Tabakelis and Shollenberger sowed for it, the staff a Perry Auto Service and Sales take pride in giving their customers the best and most secure experience, such as by providing an invaluable warranty on car repairs.

“We have a system in place where you can get repaired at no charge to you, if it was a failed component,” Tabakelis explained.

And their customers aren’t the only ones to recognize the value of their services—many of their competitors are taking notice as well.

“We actually get a lot of referrals from other garages around here for cars that are what we call ‘problematic’ where they just can’t fix ‘em, they just can’t figure them out. We come in and we fix them up.”

In addition to all the wonderful services offered by Shollenberger, Tabakelis, and the whole Perry Auto Service and Sales team, they also utilize X2 Payment Systems to keep costs down for their customers.

“I use to get a lot of bills. Back in the day, my expense for using the luxury of charge cards to help was very costly every month. [X2] simplified things and saved me, on average, $150-$200 a month because, their rates are so good.”

To learn more about Perry Auto Service and Sales be sure to visit their website and Facebook page!