Level Up Your Life at X2 Payment Systems

X2 Payment Systems is the proud home of one of the best Sales Teams in the Merchant Services Industry. And it shows. In 2016, we achieved record growth, all thanks to our team of competitive, driven and entrepreneurial sales people. Here, we give “work hard, play hard” a whole new meaning. Our most successful Sales Managers enjoy competitive compensation including residual commissions, milestone bonuses, career advancement and company-paid trips.

Enjoy best-in-class sales training and unparalleled day-to-day sales support. We maximize your opportunity to put in the work, follow through, and focus on hitting goals.

Are you our ideal candidate?

We’re looking for someone who’s hungry. That means:

Sales is your thing. You’re a business development fanatic with adrenaline-junkie motivation and exceptional closing skills.
You’re goal-oriented. You aren’t just looking for a 9-5 job. You’re ready to put in the work. You want to be a game changer.
You aren’t afraid to chase the business. You’re hard-working, self-motivated, and ready to reap the rewards of a job well-done.

X2’s passion for customer service, paired with innovative technology, will create unlimited opportunity for you to consult for merchants throughout a protected territory. You’ll learn the art of combining marketing with customer-focused selling strategies. That adds up to more business opportunities and higher earning potential at every turn. With a designated on-call support team, you will not only have seasoned professionals ready to help at every turn, but will also have access to some of the best on-going training in the industry.

  1. Personally trained by a Vice President of Sales
  2. Aggressive compensation plan with bonus incentives
  3. Residual income from your first account
  4. Comprehensive and on-site training
  5. Personal support staff for daily selling activities
  6. Opportunities for career advancement
  7. A competitive edge with the latest industry technologies

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