Meet Vinny’s Pizzarama

  • Location(s): Cowpath Rd. and Rte. 309, Hatfield, PA
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Owners: Gennaro (“Jerry”) and Vincenzo (“Vinny”) Schiano DiCola
  • Years as X2PS Client: 4 Years
  • Favorite thing about X2PS: The People

The Entrepreneurs on #OwningIt:

“For us it’s about family. You have to pay attention to family. I have little kids. So does my brother. Wife and kids.” —Gennaro “Jerry” Schiano DiCola, Proprietor

HATFIELD, PA — Some things just run in the family. For some, it’s curly hair. For others, it’s athleticism. For brothers Gennaro and Vincenzo Schiano DiCola of Hatfield, Pa., it’s pizza.

“Altogether our family owns maybe a dozen shops,” says Gennaro, better known to his friends as Jerry, during a break from rolling dough.

Jerry co-founded his first pizza shop, Vinny’s Pizzarama in Hatfield, Pa. on Cowpath Rd., with his brother in 2003. Jerry describes it as their calling.

Vincenzo, or Vinny, agrees.

“My grandfather was the first one [in Bucks County],” says Vinny. “He came here in the early 70s from Italy to Brooklyn, and then from Brooklyn to Langhorne to open the first family pizzaria.”

“We’re pretty much third generation,” says Jerry.

For their part, the brothers came to Hatfield in 1999 from Naples, intrigued by word of the family’s booming pizza business in Bucks County.

“We learned from family how the pizza business went. Eventually we bought our first location [on Cowpath Road], and it did so well we bought a second one [on Rte. 309].

For the brothers, pizza may be everything, but for patrons, it certainly isn’t the only thing. People flock in over lunch, for dinner and on weekends for the brothers’ traditional veal parmesan, baked ziti and fresh salads.

Today, the flourishing pizza shops serve thousands of Bucks County residents each week. Convenience is critical, which is a reason they partner with X2 Payment Systems.

“About four years ago I was having problems with my credit card company,” says Jerry. “I was talking about it to a customer of mine, who owns a car wash. He sent me [X2 President] Kelly Cusate. Right away, she helped us change everything over and save some money. And it worked out great.”

“We were being overcharged back then,” Vinny adds. “We got them to do both restaurants and I have no complaints, I gotta be honest. They are really good customers too. They come and eat at my shop.”

The brothers agree it’s been the best move for each of them.

“It’s not an 800 number,” says Jerry. “If I have a problem, I know X2 will be right on top of it, right away. Even on a Saturday or Sunday, if I run out of [receipt] paper, or gift cards, for example. That’s what I like the most. ”

Best of all, the pizza business and their partnership with X2 allows the brothers to focus on their first love: their families.

“For us it’s about family,” says Jerry. “You have to pay attention to family.”

Visit the Vinny’s Pizzarama Cowpath Rd. Restaurant Website or Rte. 309 Restaurant Website to learn more.